About Clifton Bradeley

Clifton Bradeley is a practitioner of twenty-six years experience in clinical musculoskeletal podiatric biomechanics.  He has carried out more than 15,000 biomechanical assessments to date.

As an ex-international athlete for England and Great Britain, Clifton held the British indoor mile record of 3.57.88 min/sec. (England V USA in March 1985), becoming the first GB athlete to run Sub-4 minutes for the mile on an English indoor track.

Clifton was raised bare footed in Australia before moving to the UK as a child, and uses his twenty-six years experience in sports injuries to create ‘Injury Risk (IR) Prediction’ in professional athletes and footballers from all over the world.

Clifton has won several innovation awards for developing techniques and instruments used in clinical biomechanics.  This includes a Digital Pelvic Inclinometer (DPI) used to quantify the affects of leg length inequality on pelvic dysfunction before and after treatment.

Clifton is currently the managing director of orthotics lab Sub-4 Ltd, and technology company, Sub-4 Technologies.

Clifton also works as a consultant to a number of sports brand names including NIKE and many professional sports clubs.  He is on a worldwide tour talking about his theory based on clinical experience called – ‘The Pelvic Equilibrium Theory’.